Healing Orchestra TOWANI Eternal Love


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Orchestra Instrumental


released January 25, 2007

Arranged by David Campbell(1)
Arranged by Hiromitsu Ishikawa(2,3,4,5)
Lyrics & Music by MARTH



all rights reserved



We are a record label specializing in healing & relaxation music. Our main artist is MARTH (Composer, Singer, Producer). He offers his music to our other artists; Celena (Pianist, Arranger), HALKA (Singer), Daniel Kobialka (Violinist) and others. Our music has been highly appreciated by therapists, healers and doctors in various countries of the world. ... more

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Track Name: Across The River
Across the River
Lyrics & Music by MARTH

Just like the beautifully flowing river
I’d like to live my life, that’s my only hope
Never stagnant, surrender everything
I’ll be okay if I return the ocean.
You lived as it is, so loving
In the great nature, everybody is embraced
Everybody is loved and nurtured at any time

Within the beautifully flowing river of life,
I was floating along with you together
Without stopping, just traveling happily
In the new world, just like travelers
We lived as it is, so loving
Even if my life is over, if time comes to go back
I wish to live like you, you lived with pride
You lived so gently
Going beyond life and death
Embracing everything from the great nature

作詞・作曲 MARTH

美しく流れる あの河のように
生きてゆけたなら それでいい
よどむこともなくて すべてをゆだねて
たとえ海へと帰しても それでうれしい
君はそう生きたね 愛しくて
どんな時にでも 愛されて

美しく流れる 人生の河を
とまることもなくて 新たなる世界を
よろこんで旅する 旅人のように
二人そう生きたね 愛しくて
たとえ命つきても 帰る時がきても
君のように胸はってゆける そんなふうに生きたい
いつの日にも君は 大自然のすべて
生も死もそれすら こえてやさしく
Track Name: Love Will Never Go Away
Cannot wipe off the rainbow
Lyrics & Music by MARTH

You cannot forget the fields and the mountains in your hometown.
Are you sure you have nothing to love now?

You cannot wipe off the stars shooting in the sky.
You cannot wipe off the sun rays reflected on the water.
You cannot wipe off the rainbow in the sky.
You cannot wipe off your welling up tears.
You can never do it.

Just like the falling leaves, dancing in the wind
You lived with the earth.
Just like you feel love
when you embrace your sadness.

Just like the snow melts into the season,
you can heal your heartaches.
But it's impossible you don't love
Just like the flowers in the field are beautiful.
You cannot, you cannot do it.
Just like the season cannot stop it,
Just like you cannot halt the ocean,
You can never do it.

作詞・作曲 MARTH

ふるさとの 野や山並み
君は 忘れられない
愛している ものなどない

空に流れる 星はけせない
水に映った 木漏れ日はけせない
空にかかった 虹はけせない
こみあげてきた 涙をとめれない
そんなことは できない

風に踊る 落ち葉のように
抱きしめても 愛しいように

季節に雪が とけてゆくように
傷ついてきた 痛みなら癒せる
でも 野に咲く花が 美しいように
君にはできない 君にはできない
海がよせるのを とめれぬよに
それは無理なのだよ できない できない
それは できない
Track Name: Sunny Flowery
Sunny Flowery
Lyrics & Music by MARTH

After you’re gone, beauty still remains
Lightening up even sadness brightly
Like a sunflower, like you
If you try to overcome with love in any pain at any time
Song for a sunflower, even in tears
You will shine warmly like the sun, never frozen

However lost you are in darkness,
Please don’t forget a song for a sunflower always within you
If you look with your gentle eyes
You will overcome everything.
Song for a sunflower,
It was her last words to give you
Precious ones she left
Song for a sunflower, I’ll never forget
If you look with your gentle eyes,
You will surely be happy,
Just like a warm sunflower

作詞・作曲 MARTH

君が去っても 美しさは消えないまま
悲しみさえも 明るく照らしている
ひまわりのよに 君のようにどんなときも
ひまわりの詩 涙の中でさえ
あたたかな太陽のように 輝いて凍えはしない

忘れないでいて いつも君の中にある
ひまわりの詩 優しさ秘めている
その瞳で 見つめてあげたなら
ひまわりの詩 彼女が残した
君に贈る とても大切な
ひまわりの詩 けして忘れない
その優しさで 見つめてあげたなら
Track Name: Find You in the Sky
Find You In The Sky
Lyrics & Music by MARTH

More beautiful than the eternal, more loving than happiness
I found it within fleeting moments.
I lost precious life of my beloved
On a warm spring day.
I still hear her laughing like in high spirits in the sunshine
In the green, in the park, still now and forever
You are always alive in my heart
Every time I feel the warmth of the sun and see the clear blue sky,
I see you within them.
More full than fullness, more courageous than winning,
I found true courage within you when you were dying
You told me again and again to accept a life ending
Just like the living is the same as the dying
Just like the flowing rivers and transient seasons are beautiful,
Just like wildflowers nurtures everything, coming back to Mother Earth
Every being gives a life to every being
Just like loving and embracing, embracing
Every time I see this all, I see you
And I will see you in the park forever
In a pool of the sunshine, in the sunbeams coming through branches
Looks like you are there with love
On a beautiful day under the clear blue sky

作詞・作曲 MARTH

永遠よりも美しくて 幸せよりも愛しいものを
笑っている声すらも 聞こえているのに
緑の中であの公園で 今でもいつでも
僕の心の中ではいつも 君は生きている
あたたかなひざしと ぬけるような空を
見るたびに 僕には それが君のように見える
最期のあなたで 知りました
終わる命 許すように 
生まれるものや朽ちゆくものが 同じもののように
流れる川や季節の流れ 美しいように
野に咲く花が大地へ帰り すべて育むように
すべてのものがすべてのものへ 命を与えて
愛しんでいるように 抱きしめているように
そのすべてを 見るたびに 
だから今でも あの公園で 僕はいつまでも
ひだまりの中 木漏れ日の中 君を見ているよ
青く澄み切った 美しい空の日には
せつないほどに 君がいるように見える
Track Name: Unity
A Unity
Lyrics & Music by MARTH

The beautiful flowing river goes on forever
Beautiful flowers bloom in your flowery hometown
You always drew pictures of the beautiful world
I hope everybody will live there some day
A beautiful town where everybody will be happy.

You always talked about the world beautiful children are born
Will they be born on this planet some day?
I wish it will be a place where everybody can learn the truth
Everything is not divided
The beautiful world where every being is happy
Birds, flowers, rivers, insects live happily
Oceans, mountains, people and animals love each other
I wish it will be a beautiful place every being live as one
You dream of such a genuine world
Even if you’re dying

作詞・作曲 MARTH

美しく流れゆく 川は果てしなく続き
美しき花が咲く 君住む花の里
君が描きつづけた 美しき世界が
いつの日にか すべての人の 暮らす街になれ
すべての人がしあわせになれる 美しき街へ

君がいつも話してた 美しき子どもたちは
いつの日にかこの星で 育まれるのか
すべてのものたちが わかたれてなどないと
本当のことを 学ぶことが できる街になれ
すべてのものが しあわせになれる 美しき世界に
鳥や花や川や虫たちは しあわせに暮らし
海や山も人や動物たちは 愛しみあえる
すべてのものが ひとつに暮らせる 美しき街へ
本当の世界 君は夢みている 命が終わろうと